Car GPS HUD Navigation Phone Holder Bracket


– It can stretch to both sides and prevent falling out.
– It won’t block your sight when you are driving and it won’t occupy too much space of your car
– Simple design.Easy to install
– It can hold your phone firmly whether it is thwart,upright or diagonal.
– Powerful applicability.It is suitable for all kinds of large-size screen phone
– It can meet different sight needs.

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The intention behind our design concept:
In today’s modern society, most people take advantage of using a Smartphone for navigation while driving but are incovenienced by the placement or design of the standard cell phone car mount holder.
The major challenge of using a mobile phone for navigation while driving is the safety concern of having to take your eyes off the road because the Smartphone car mount holder is installed below the car’s dashboard or blocks the view of the road if mounted on top of the car’s dashboard or on the windshield.
The trend in reaction to this safety concern is the growing interest in HUD (Heads-Up-display) devices which can be initially cost prohibitive and the affordable options are challenged by double images in the windshield or an unsightly windshield film or dim images during the day.

So we designed this product:
Our Universal HUD holder exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratch and projects navigation information onto the panel based on optical reflection theorem. When placed on the center console, the driver’s view of the road is not obstructed because the hardened glass is transparent. At the same time, the placement of our Universal HUD holder on the car’s dashboard keeps the navigation information visible directly in front of the driver and avoids the driving hazard that could result from the driver taking their eyes off of the road to look below the car’s dashboard at their Smartphone.
Installation Process:
The parts should be installed to the car’s dashboard as described below:
1. Clean the surface on which the HUD holder is to be placed. It is generally recommended to clean the surface with damp cloth, then wait for surface to dry prior to installing the the HUD holder.
2. Place the base onto the adhesive surface and exert the proper pressure to make the bonding effective after drying.
3. Place the phone on the stents antikid mat and adjust the organic glass board to the appropriate angle according to the individual’s viewing angle preference.
Note: For most persons, the best viewing angle for the HUD Mobile Navigation Bracket is 45°
Finally, turn on your mobile navigation system and set the proper route (now most of the navigation systems contain a reflection (HUD) mode) and enjoy the view.

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